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Miyakojima Project (Miyako Island Project) is a bilingual Web-based open source platform. Similar to other free encyclopedia project, Miyakojima Project is seeking to enhance the quality of applications and find better solutions, submitted by volunteers from around the world.

Living in small remote islands, people may not have the same choices or opportunities as those who are living in cities. However, it is also a fact that people living in remote areas need to equipped with a substantial volume of living techniques as well as accumulated know-how, to sustain their future life.
Our platform is a driver device which can provide the quality of resources to assist the people of small islands in the world.
Platform of Miyakojima Project is an open source application system for people who are seeking the better solutions to solve particular problems in remote islands. This platform is to raise the urgent issues of small islands and find the best solution from our data base, submitted by the volunteers of the world.
Accumulated data on the platform can be applicable to many other islands even though the initial proposal was made for Miyako Island in Okinawa, Japan. Our mission is to utilize people’s suggestions to the utmost extent by increasing the effectiveness and flexibility of application
The surrounding conditions for people of small islands are getting harder. Their environmental and economical situations get worse as they await help from uncertain organizations or authority. 
Our goal is to share our database with people of those small islands of the world to help them find a variety of solutions. These solutions may technically increase the conditions of their environment and increase the rate of self-sustenance by their own hands.

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