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The major feature of the Miyako Island Project platform is that all the useful suggestions introduced can be utilized as an open source database. 
Once the ideas are introduced on the platform, people in need can apply them free of cost (user registrations are required). There will be no restrictions on users. Individuals, project groups, and even local administrations are welcomed to implement these resources. Many of the solutions which are introduced on this platform can be utilized in different circumstances.
Many of the small islands in remote areas belong to developing nations, and they are living under economically and environmentally difficult situations.
It is our mission to introduce low budget solutions to minimize their financial impact to improve their circumstances.
To increase the effectiveness of this project, Miyakojima Project is built on a bilingual platform in Japanese and in English for collecting a variety of solutions in worldwide bases. 
Our open source database introduced on the platform will also be provided to any foreign countries (User registration is required).

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