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Regulations for Development and Participation Members
All advice presented to Miyakojima Project by the Developing and Participating Members will be introduced on this website only if the Administration Office recognizes that the advice is an asset to people living on the small islands or if implementation might help to increase the environmental conditions. 
Please contribute all suggestions and presentation data after having agreed that it will be posted on Miyakojima Project without further notification.
All advice submitted by the members are voluntary. Every member understands the purpose of the project and does not expect any return of goods, monetary or otherwise from the Miyakojima Project or from any user in the Miyakojima Project's system.
Members cannot claim copyright for their submitted materials.
Members cannot submit any materials or articles already protected by copyright, trademark, patent, etc., unless they own it and have given permission for its use on this specific project.
Members entrust the Administration Office of Miyakojima Project with all suggestions and contents turned in. Not all suggestions or materials may be individually recognized or utilized.
The suggestion submitted by members will be translated into Japanese and will be posted in both English and Japanese websites, when the administration office of Miyakojima Project decides to introduce said material on the platform.
When the program or system introduced on this platform is released to the people in need, the Administration Office of Miyakojima Project will attach all names of members who participated in the system development as a credit unless members decline disclosure. If the member does not like to disclose his or her name on the “List of developers”, you can also use a penname.
The copyright of all "www.miyakojima-project.net" related contents belongs to Miyakojima Project, including the suggestions and ideas submitted by the members. However, Miyakojima Project will not sell or transfer license to any third party in turn at any cost, because this whole project is a “non commercial, voluntary and mutual support program”.
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